Friday, April 19, 2013

The Pitch

When I first learned about the  20% project, I was completely clueless on what to do.  There were so many possibilities racing through my head.  I had taught myself embroidery last year through watching YouTube clips and it was a fun experience.  However, I remember growing up with nightly or almost nightly family dinners.  They weren't the most healthy of dinners generally either high in salt and processed foods.  I have broken away from that now, but I want to go further.

I love to cook.  My cooking style follows the Southern style-fried, gravies, carbs, carbs, carbs.  I want to learn to cook differently.  I want to shift my focus to healthier cooking, incorporating more fish, vegetables, good fats, less diary, and whole grains into my cooking.  This is my 20% project.  I am going to document my journey through cooking healthy foods and teaching others how to cook healthy foods through photo blogging.  I hope that through this process I can both improve my lifestyle and health.

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